AccessHQ explained by our CEO

Duration: 2:25
Tony Bailey, CEO of AccessHQ explains in this video the logic and thinking behind Access Testing's name change and the philosophy behind Human Quality in technology.

Introduction to Human Quality

Duration: 1:25
Welcome to AccessHQ. We hope you enjoy this fun video explaining why technology has to have Human Quality in order to be successful.

AccessHQ Obamacare case study

Duration: 3:10
This video takes the Obamacare website problems and explains how the lack of a thorough quality assurance and testing approach, that should have focused on the Human Quality they were trying to achieve, caused huge issues for all the parties involved.

AccessHQ Toolbox explained

Duration: 3:17
This video introduces the AccessHQ proprietary Human Quality Toolbox and explains how, through the use of the Toolbox, AccessHQ can deliver the Human Quality you want for your technology across the entire technology lifecycle.

AccessHQ and EYE Corp Media

Duration: 2:38
This video showcases the World's largest in field eye tracking study conducted by AccessHQ (formerly Access Testing) in partnership with EyeCorp.