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Knowledge Base

Logon here, using your email ID and password, to search for information that will help make your job easier.


Logon to Webmail and check your AccessHQ messages.


By Friday close of business, you MUST submit your online timesheet.

Contact your People & Culture Manager with any questions about timesheets.

Password changes & systems support

Click here to change your password. Systems support is provided by the Dialog Response Centre - call 1300 361 040

Employee training

Dialog Group Academy (NEW)

In July 2019 AccessHQ’s SKillsHub was upgraded to the new Skillsoft Pericipio platform and merged with Dialog’s Academy site. The learning platform is now called Dialog Group Academy. For more information on how the Academy can benefit you go to the information page in our Knowledge Base.

SkillsHub (Retiring in August 2019)

You can access SkillsHub to complete any courses underway until 31 August 2019. For access click here

Leave requests

Employees MUST, when you take any type of leave, submit an online Leave Request via the link below.

Sick and carer's leave

  • Before 9am on the day you take leave, let your People & Culture Manager and our Client know that you will not be attending work
  • Get a medical certificate if you are away for 2 or more days in a row, or if you are away for 1 day before or after a public holiday - you might not get paid for this time if a medical certificate is not supplied
  • When you return to work, submit an online Leave Request
  • Log your timesheet appropriately
  • Provide a copy of the medical certificate (if required) to your People & Culture Manager

Annual leave

  • You MUST apply in advance of the period requested for annual leave
  • 1-2 days' leave can be taken with as little as 1 week of notice
  • 3 days or more leave requires 1 month of notice
  • Timesheets must be submitted - these can be logged in advance prior to taking annual leave
  • Submit your request for annual leave through the online leave system via the link below

More information about our leave and HR policies

Logon to the Knowledge Base for detailed information about HR policies and procedures. If you have any questions about your conditions of employment, pay or leave entitlements, then:

  • Australian employees - contact your People & Culture Manager

Submit your leave request

Logon to the Leave System and complete an online Leave Request.

Overtime - permanent employees only

Before working overtime, contact your People & Culture Manager if a client asks you to work extra hours. It is your responsibility to ensure the People & Culture Manager is notified. You might not get paid for it if you don't get permission from AccessHQ before working overtime.

If AccessHQ can invoice the client then you may choose to have overtime paid; or, you may accrue Time In Lieu. Logon to the Knowledge Base for more information about the overtime policy.

At the end of the month in which overtime is worked, complete the Overtime or Time in Lieu Claim Form

Expense claims

Before incurring a business related expense, you MUST get prior authorisation from your General Manager. It is your responsibility to provide original receipts that support all claims. The reason for purchase should be written on the reverse of all receipts. Expenses submitted without receipts will not be reimbursed. All expenses must be business related.

Claim forms MUST be completed by you and approved by your General Manager. All expense claims should be submitted within 30 days of being incurred. Reimbursements are paid directly into your bank account. Contact your People & Culture Manager if you have any questions about the expense claims policy.

Download the Expense Claim Form

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