Delivering enterprise technology has never been harder

Increasingly we're building “systems of systems” with greater data complexity, more integration with third-party services and infrastructure platforms that are evolving quickly.

Customer expectations are maturing too. Systems are no longer just expected to "work" (I.e. be functional, perform well and be secure); they are also expected to be usable, accessible and to support any device, operating system and browser combination available in the market​.

Quality integration is the key

Enterprise technology projects require consideration across the expected business value, the technology involved and the intended customer experience. AccessHQ is your Quality Integrator; we specialise in helping our clients understand the customer experience they want to offer and then we assist the IT team to deliver that end-to-end experience. Using our Human Quality Toolbox, we draw on our tried and tested tools and techniques to customise an approach, which is constantly refined as technology and customer experiences change.

In addition to the challenge of keeping up to date, testing projects are difficult to deliver efficiently because:

  • The number of resources typically goes through many peaks and troughs during the release cycles and, ultimately, the inability to ramp up and down in terms of personnel generates unnecessary waste
  • Typically, senior personnel are required at the begiining of a project, which is then supported by increasing numbers of delivery personnel as the project progresses
  • Delays in, or suspension of, testing activities is difficult to manage through typical resourcing models
  • Retaining people for continuity of knowledge can be costly if there are large gaps between release​s

Our focus is on outcomes

AccessHQ offers a fixed price for outcome-based engagements. Combining our Human Quality Toolbox with our processes and specialist consultants we customise a quality assurance and testing solution for each engagement. We work with your business representatives and the IT team to prioritise the testing effort based on their goals and help them to improve the intended customer experience. Under fixed-price engagements, we accept the challenge of managing fluctuating resources.

Even when the scope is not defined well enough, we can be engaged on a time-and-materials basis in a more efficient manner.  We do this by:

  • Bringing the right level of consultant on board, leveraging junior consultants when it makes sense
  • Assigning and utilising consultants only when they are needed - we "turn-on" and "turn-off" as required
  • Absorbing inevitable delays caused by other project activities

AccessHQ works in partnership with our customers to share the risk of testing enterprise software. It’s our experience, expertise, customer focus and continuous improvement that delivers our clients better business outcomes and ultimately a superior experience for their customers​.