Cost centre or competitive edge?

Organisations that handle customer information cannot afford to be complacent. Any exposure can lead to catastrophic effects on both revenue and reputation, yet the average financial losses from security breaches is growing. Security is fast becoming the top priority as advances in technology allow for greater accessibility, mobility and functionality. Many organisations now see it as a competitive advantage.

Security by design, not just a “checklist” at the end

Security services are becoming a mandatory component for any IT endeavour. We deliver security services remotely or onsite that improve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. We work with your people to find and fix security problems using your infrastructure or our hosted solutions. Knowledge transfer is a given, so your team know how to test in the future. Tap into our proprietary Human Quality Toolbox and knowledge bank to bring the best solutions possible.

  • Security Consulting – the full spectrum including architecture, design, strategy and governance
  • Penetration Testing – applying global ICT security standards such as OWASP and CWE

Can they use it?

Security is not just about the reliability of technology. We know from years of experience how important it is to also measure the overall system behaviour and customer experience. Only then can we answer the question, “does it work as expected”. Our Human Quality Toolbox enables a holistic approach. We can design a blended approach that tells you more about the system behaviour and how it might affect customers. Find out more about,

  • Performance  -  how responsive, stable and scalable the system is under a security attack
  • Functional  -  the effect a security solution might have on the business processes
  • Usability  -  because security solutions affect people
  • Accessibility  -  it's essential that people with disabilities not be forgotten
  • Compatibility  -  how well does it work on desktop and mobile