Put us to the test​

If you haven’t worked with us before, you’ll find that we’re very different. For this new world we believe a new approach is needed to quality assurance and testing – an approach that factors in the tried and trusted methods of quality assurance from the past, but also updates it for the business realities of customer experience for today. The industry is very used to the concept of a system integrator; we’re your Quality Integrator so, put us to the test​.

Use our Human Quality Toolbox

Our proprietary Human Quality Toolbox recognises that you have to have the harmony of the business, of technology and of the customers in order to deliver Human Quality from technology. It also recognizes that there’s a technology lifecycle that incorporates the planning of technology, the building of technology and the deployment of technology for real customers.

Quality planning and management

Every IT project begins with a business idea; to improve something for a customer, to drive some efficiency. That’s where we begin, right at the planning phase to understand the business rationale behind the IT project. What are the customer expectations you’re trying to deliver on? What is the new functionality you’re trying to provide? What are the customer experiences you’re trying to achieve? From this starting point we make sure that your business goals permeate through your requirements; that they permeate through your functional specifications and your testing.

Quality assurance and control

Once your technology project is in development we work with the IT team to bring the right level of quality assurance and control to the project. Whether it’s our Requirements Quality Assurance technique up front to make sure that your requirements are clearly communicated or Eye Tracking technology to literally see through the eyes of your customer or Human Quality Pulse in functional testing – we bring the tools to the table that enable the IT team to deliver what the business wants from the technology.

Quality insights and improvements

Our holistic approach to Human Quality doesn’t stop once the technology is built and handed over to the business to operate. When the technology is deployed you can be guaranteed that the only constant is change. Therefore, you need to continually monitor and assess the technology to make sure it is still delivering for your customers. Our quality and insight services for deployed technology give you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your technology today. This often leads into plans for new features and systems, which flows once again into our quality planning and management services, thus completing the Human Quality circle.