We're different

One of the key challenges in quality assurance and testing is finding the fastest and most cost-effective way to improve quality. Our model-based Quality Process Assessment (QPA) finds strong and weak points in the entire quality management lifecycle.

Do you want better testing or better quality?

We believe QA is too often relegated to Testing, which is little more than quality control at 5 minutes to midnight. Testing can't improve quality; it can only reveal the level of quality and of course that's often too late to find out there's a problem. If capability maturity is a concern for you then the focus of process improvement must be across the entire quality management lifecycle.

A model for quality integration

Traditional process improvement models like CMM, CMMi, TPI or TPI Next are pre-scripted frameworks that measure an organisation's procedural discipline against a set of fixed standards. The outcome is a compliance regime that allows efficiency but might discourage creativity and not actually deliver genuine value to the business.

Our QPA approach is different; we focus on how to improve quality rather than just how to improve testing.  We look into the culture of your organisation; how is it measured; what does quality mean to your people and your customers? Our results provide insight to develop a Quality Policy and a tailored roadmap for integrating your quality assurance and testing processes and capability. We conduct workshops, group activities and interviews to:

  • Understand your current and desired state of quality management
  • Agree exactly where you can and should take action
  • Design a Quality Policy and process improvement roadmap that is aligned with your business objectives
  • Improve quality, accelerate delivery times, boost productivity and reduce cost
  • Ensure your business remains at the forefront of industry developments

We then apply our thought leadership and proprietary Human Quality Toolbox with unique frameworks, processes, templates and tools to accelerate the uplift in quality assurance and testing capability.