Things don't always go according to plan

Whether it’s poor visibility of the pipeline, or the need to ramp up activity to catch up on schedule delays, or simply because time-to-market is the highest priority, your organisation will benefit from our ability to supply professionals on-demand.

Other service providers typically utlise a just-in-time recruitment process that introduces waste into the on-boarding process. Our business model, instead, has been designed with complete agility in mind to allow you to rapidly ramp up or down, as you need.

We're always ready

We invest heavily in knowledge management and building a client-ready pool of consultants to ensure that our people, when required, are ready to hit the ground running. We make the following investments to enable our "on-demand" business model;

  • Bench consultants - to service our clients quickly, we make sure we always have a large pool of consultants who are immediately available for assignment. Even during slower periods, we are hiring people to induct into our team of professionals to make sure we can deliver on-demand as required​.
  • Knowledge management - with our clients consent, we build a knowledge base on our customers’ key business systems, testing processes, infrastructure and tools. This aids knowledge transfer and allows new consultants to ramp-up quickly.
  • Pre-familiarisation - for many of our partnerships, we invest in building a pool of client-ready consultants by placing bench consultants on client sites to be immersed in their business. A pool of pre-familiarised consultants allows us to hit the ground running when unexpected needs arise.

Our clients use on-demand consulting to manage the inevitable unplanned changes that technology development brings… What would be the impact to your business if you could mange this change better?

Perhaps you should consider a services partner that can supply consultants' on-demand.