Learn about our past and our present

We've seen and learned a lot

Since our inception in 1995, we've seen a lot of change in the IT industry; however, not all change is good. In fact, over the past 20 years as technology adoption has accelerated we've increasingly seen the Quality Assurance and Testing industry being commoditised. This has resulted in a relentless focus on:

  • Cost over quality
  • Obfuscation over clarity
  • Activity and tools over outcomes; and
  • The deliberate breaking of the link between testing, quality and customer expectations

​​Many large IT companies now hide behind a "veil of quality" resulting in poor customer experiences and quality that disappoints. We don't agree with the direction the IT industry has taken.

"We believe that the commoditisation of our industry has stolen the voice of quality in IT.  We're here to steal it back."

- Tony Bailey, CEO AccessHQ

While everyone else is commoditising assurance and testing, we are customising quality to the new customer experience paradigm.

Our Why, How and What?

Why? We believe technology exists to serve people; therefore, all technology should have Human Quality. How? We apply Human Quality principles and our HQ toolbox to everything we do. What? We combine quality assurance and customer experience principles to bring Human Quality to technology.

At AccessHQ, everything starts with our Why?  Why do we do what we do?

Our Why is simple; we believe that technology exists to serve people and, therefore, all technology should have Human Quality (HQ).

When it comes to how we deliver for our clients, we use our experience and intelligence combined with our Human Quality Toolbox and guiding principles, which we have developed over twenty years.  Innovation is in our DNA and it's at the heart of our Human Quality Toolbox.

Our Human Quality Toolbox recognises that in order to deliver Human Quality from technology you have to have harmony between the business, IT and the customers. It also recognises that there's a technology lifecycle that incorporates the planning of technology, the building of technology and the deployment of technology for real customers. This approach to quality is unique in the industry and enables our customers to deliver the Human Quality that they want for their customers.

When people ask us what we do, we explain that we combine tried and trusted quality assurance techniques from the past and update them for the new business paradigm of customer experience. We integrate quality to make sure the business, IT and the customer work together.

Our Human Quality principles

Involve Customers: To deliver great customer experiences it is essential to analyse and understand customer expectations and behaviour. Use Models: Models translate complex information into a common, visual language for clearer understanding and communication. Quality Integration: Quality is and organisational mindset that spans the planning, development and operation of technology. Communicate Clearly: In order to communicate clearly, communicate in a way the recipient understands. Use Facts: Facts enable measurement of quality, to understand the root cause of issues and make evidence based decisions.