What is accessibility?

An accessible website or app ensures that everyone who needs your service can use it. This includes people with disability, older people, and people who may struggle with digital services at some point in their lives.

In line with our Human Quality philosophy, we believe that technology should support all humans, and therefore we offer comprehensive digital accessibility services, in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Our Accessibility Services

  • Accessibility strategy, planning and implementation
  • Full-service digital accessibility review and testing based on WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 – apply, audit, test, make recommendations for attaining compliance and a compliance certificate 
  • Accessibility health checks 
  • Training and support services for design and development teams

Why AccessHQ for Accessibility?

Beyond WCAG: Although WCAG 2.1 guidelines are a solid foundation for accessibility, they don’t address the context of usability. Because of this, we focus on testing to simulate people with disabilities rather compliance the guidelines. This gives a human quality outcome aimed at real world accessibility.

Many Flavours: People with disabilities interact with technology using many different systems, devices and tools. In recognition of this, our testing approach includes multiple operating systems, browsers and assistive technology to ensure your website works with the most common technology combinations.

Developer Expertise​: Testing for accessibility is only the first stage in creating a fully inclusive website. With complex coding used on many websites, rectification of accessibility defects can be a challenge for developer teams. We support your developers with expert guidance on how best to solve accessibility challenges.

Our Core Methodology

A full accessibility review involves a multi-stage process of reviewing a website or application to determine how accessible the content is to customers with disabilities. Our core approach involves disability simulation by using the website with the tools and techniques most commonly used by those with disabilities.

  • Step 1 - Test cases
  • Step 2 - Visual review
  • Step 3 - Keyboard testing
  • Step 4 - Screen reader testing
  • Step 5 – Other tools


At the completion of an accessibility testing project we prepare a detailed results report highlighting accessibility compliance and any issues identified for each of the components in scope. This includes an issues spreadsheet, a compliance statement, and a face-to-face debrief with developers and stakeholders. The face-to-face debrief allows time to discuss deployment of recommendations from the testing, allows teams to explore alternatives and trade-offs for certain recommendations and ensures the best accessibility quality is achieved based on the resources and limitations available.

Avoid discrimination and build positive public relations

The internet is now the preferred delivery channel for many government and business services, so it is essential that people with disabilities not be forgotten. Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, all organisations including Australian Government agencies are required to ensure information and services are provided in a non-discriminatory (accessible) manner. Organisations who do not meet their obligations in regard to the Disability Discrimination Act are at risk of damaging legal action and possibly even more damaging PR.

Free, no-obligation health check

Talk to us about your current accessibility needs.  We are passionate about creating a digitally accessible world. We'll produce a Web Accessibility Health Check for free - just tell us the URL.