Are you at risk?

Accessibility is whether a website works for people with disabilities who typically access sites using special techniques and tools. It's sometimes referred to as a WCAG 2.0 Audit.

Organisations who do not meet their obligations in regard to the Disability Discrimination Act are at risk of damaging legal action and possibly even more damaging PR. With the Internet now the preferred delivery channel for many government and business services it is essential that people with disabilities not be forgotten. Approximately 1-in-4 Australians identify as having some form of disability, which makes it both an important social responsibility and a significant opportunity to engage with more customers.

Beyond WCAG 2.0 - our additional checkpoints

In recent years we’ve seen a growth in the number of websites that are not accessible. This is because advancements in technology and ever-increasing complexity have led to gaps in the effectiveness of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Whilst certification against WCAG 2.0 is certainly a logical starting point it doesn’t automatically guarantee that a website is compliant and actually usable.

To address this shortcoming, based on years of testing and input from people with disabilities, we have developed 10 additional checkpoints for accessibility over and above WCAG 2.0.  The story doesn't end with recommendations for achieving compliance. At AccessHQ, we go even further; we are uniquely positioned to assure your website or application in terms of Accessibility and Usability.

Free, no-obligation report

Talk to us about your current accessibility state.  We'll produce a Web Accessibility Health Check for free - just tell us the URL.

Full Accessibility review

We will advise you about the most practical level for attaining accessibility compliance and also help you understand whether your customers with disabilities can easily use the system. A full accessibility review involves a multi-stage process;

  • HTML code scan
  • Visual review
  • Keyboard testing
  • Screen reader testing
  • Issues report
  • Results debrief
  • Compliance certificate