Ensure your quality performs

It’s hard to keep up with the demands of testing technology. In this day and age when time to market is key we see more and more organisations are adopting ‘Agile’ approaches in order to keep up with short iterations and rapid changes. This places additional emphasis on speed and coverage whilst maintaining quality.

Automated testing is software that tests software, automatically. It puts thousands of individual system components and integrated application elements through their paces. Because it uses software, we manage automation like any other development project.

Just because it can doesn't mean it should

Automation is a valuable part of our Human Quality Toolbox but one that we use selectively and advisedly. The trick is to know what should, and – just as importantly – what shouldn't be automated. We will not blindly advocate automation as a silver bullet solution, nor will we slavishly recommend a particular tool. We take a balanced view and will always discuss whether automation can benefit you and where it's unlikely to.

Not just another framework

Our proprietary automation approach provides an abstraction layer between business process test cases and the complex technology required to automate them. We use open source utilities to provide technology integration, resilience, error handling, variable management and reporting. AccessHQ has created this ready-to-go framework based on the following principles: 

  • Keep automated tests cases simple, readable and understandable for non-technical people
  • Loosely couple components to allow for refactoring when something needs to change
  • Be the glue between existing automation solutions
  • Re-use as much as possible
  • Define and enforce good practises and standards
  • Solve technical problems once, in the abstraction layer, and re-use
  • Enable the ability to extend and enable complex problems to be solved in code

Mobile automation

It’s no secret that the mobile device market has been growing quickly. We developed a method to automate mobile testing that allows tests to be executed across many devices simultaneously. The pace of change coupled with differences in vendor and personal taste means that almost every device has a unique representation in the marketplace. Our framework addresses the problem of fragmentation and complexity where the huge variety means that testing across even a small subset of devices is a dramatic increase in effort compared to the desktop environment.

Mobile Testing