Test environments are more than just infrastructure

If there's one thing we all know, you can't test without a test environment. Yet, all too often the environment is inadequate for the purpose or simply not available in time. We know a thing or two about test environments because we use dozens of them every day. A test environment needs to be designed and procured like any other IT system because that's what it is, an IT system in it's own right.

We can design one for you

Avoid the risk of not being able to test effectively or efficiently by having a test environment strategy and specification prepared by experts. We ensure all of the requirements and possible configuration items are considered including the full lifecycle from provisioning to decommissioning. We will guide you to understand the infrastructure, software and data needs and how to manage the process. The environment is only as good as the test data and so we ensure that sourcing, manipulation and masking of data are addressed.

... Or, we can bring our own

AccessHQ maintains test laboratories in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide. This physical infrastructure includes desktop and mobile devices. It enables our clients to choose the location of testing activities and gives them the flexibility to expand local resources beyond the confines of their own premises and equipment.