Our business is assurance and testing

Just as you have a core business that you do best, so do we - assurance and testing is all that we do. Let us manage the quality integration of your technology by taking care of all aspects of delivering an assurance and testing outcome with a focus on quality, efficiency and reliability. An outcome based managed service provides a holistic approach to assurance and testing. We reach into our Human Quality Toolbox to produce a service customised to your needs. It is a fundamental approach that focuses on taking ownership and ensuring a managed outcome for you rather than simply providing a person.

Managed capacity

This service allows productivity gains by providing a core team of test leads or managers to drive the strategy and planning, supported by a team that can flex during the test design and execution phases. We recognise that all projects have peak testing periods and personnel, as a consequence, need to be managed to cater for the fluctuating workload. Our delivery model is designed to respond with a wide range of technical competencies that are scalable at short notice.

Specialised assurance and testing professionals

Our specialist technical personnel are highly skilled and experienced in usability, accessibility, automation, performance and security testing. These are practice areas led by practice managers who are experts in their field and bring the necessary focus and technical domain capability whilst leveraging our Human Quality Toolbox and intellectual property to accelerate test planning and execution.

Service performance for measurable outcomes

A critical aspect of any quality management system is the capability to report through measures (size, effort, schedule, defects) and metrics (effort and schedule variance, productivity, defect density).  Our management program measures the effectiveness (quality aspects) and efficiency (productivity aspects) of processes deployed for executing a project. Key performance indicator’s (KPI’s) and service level agreement’s (SLA’s) can be set to measure the performance of assurance and testing against defined targets that would be base-lined and reviewed regularly to achieve year-on-year productivity improvements.


This involves a collaborative engagement and governance model across various business units that would streamline demand management and will be the foundation of a solid, balanced working relationship. The purpose of the governance model is to lay the broad direction of the engagement, empower the teams to discharge their responsibilities appropriately and to monitor performance of the engagement at various stages. Our governance model provides full transparency thus ensuring that the financial objectives of the program are met with minimal risk.

Test management

The goal of test management is to improve delivery efficiency through the use of knowledge management, people management, provide regular reporting on efficiencies and improvements achieved across various programs and also help drive transformation initiatives.  The test management office performs functions like quality management, performance management, demand management, people process and knowledge management. The demand management and performance management functions work together to ensure effective planning and resource utilisation. SLA compliance is also monitored to ensure that financials are managed correctly and that the performance is within the agreed service levels. The knowledge management function will drive the capability uplift, manage the testing repositories, drive testing certification and also drive the technical training needed to ensure adequately skilled resources are available for specific project requirements.

Testing transformation

A key activity within a managed assurance and testing services framework is to achieve quality integration through transformation initiatives associated with process improvement, risk based testing, automation and a focus on "shift-left, shift-up" initiatives. Our proprietary Human Quality Toolbox includes the methods, tools and intellectual property necessary to fulfil this goal. A key entry point is our Test Process Assurance service. Transformation initiatives help with driving productivity and process improvement and are woven into the fabric of our quality assurance and testing services.