When you need a Quality Integrator

We provide a Quality Authority framework for decision-making and accountability.

"Governance determines who has power, who makes decisions, how other players make their voice heard and how account is rendered"

- Institute on Governance (IOG)

Whether you follow a traditional Waterfall, V-model or Agile approach it's likely that a number of disparate groups will conduct quality assurance and testing during a project lifecycle. It follows, therefore, that the measures of quality used are unlikely to be consistent. The Quality Authority framework establishes a governance body that allows quality integration to be planned. It ensures the right voices are heard, has the power to make decisions and provides accountability for quality outcomes.

How a Quality Authority works

Our role in the Quality Authority framework is to ensure the right questions are asked, the best techniques are applied and the scope of assurance and testing is appropriate. We do this by applying our Human Quality principles and by drawing on our proprietary Human Quality Toolbox. Your role is to ensure the key stakeholders can participate and are empowered to act.

Quality integration will take your technology from simply being functional to delivering Human Quality that meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations.