Testing for mobility

Of course, you've tested that your website works on a computer screen. But, over 60 per cent of Internet users now go online via three or more devices. Not only that, they're often using apps, either yours or a third-party, with your website. Have you considered how it will work on a mobile phone and tablet? Have you thought about the business opportunities you may be missing if your product is not optimised for mobile?

Mobile Eye Tracking + Usability testing  =  a great customer experience

We're Australia and Hong Kong's Eye Tracking pioneers.  In 2001, we introduced it when no one else in the country was doing it.  With Eye Tracking, you can discover if and how your customers interact and engage with your product - whether it's a website or mobile app. You'll see exactly what people look at and why on a variety of devices.

Blended approaches

The performance of a website or mobile app can vary dramatically depending on the type of device and also the environment in which it is used. Have you considered how your website or app appears inside and outside a building? How well does it perform across 3G, 4G and WiFi networks? Let us show you how our proprietary Human Quality Toolbox enables blended approaches by combining different methods into a single test plan and an easy-to-read report about everything that might affect your customer experience. Find out more about,

  • Compatibility  -  how well does it work on desktop and mobile
  • Usability  -  because people use technology
  • Accessibility  -  it's essential that people with disabilities not be forgotten
  • Automation  -  addressing the problem of fragmentation and complexity
  • Performance  -  how responsive, stable and scalable the system is in real-world conditions
  • Security  -  fast becoming the top priority