How much do delayed testing activities cost you?

Delays caused by the unavailability of test environments, late builds and blocker defects are commonplace in IT projects. Each can have a significant impact on the testing schedule. Couple these with the variety of challenges that threaten the schedule of upstream activities then there is rarely a project that doesn’t have some sort of delay, if not a complete halt, to testing activities.

Under most resourcing models there is no way to reduce the head count during delays, which in turn causes a lot of waste in the budget. Further to this, it’s difficult to catch up on the schedule without relying on overtime or bringing in contractors to supplement the testing team.

Reduce the impact on budget and schedule

At AccessHQ, our flexible resourcing engagement model allows our customers to temporarily send consultants back to our office and then receive the same people back again when testing activities resume. This unique approach significantly benefits you in a number of ways:

  • Waste in the budget is reduced because the project is not paying for resources when they are not adding value
  • With the savings made to the budget, you may also opt to take advantage of our on-demand consulting model to temporarily ramp up the testing team and catch up on the schedule
  • Any temporary resources used are only there whilst they are required
  • When our consultants are 'on the bench' they are still adding value by improving the knowledge base, reviewing opportunities for improvement to the testing approach or developing their skills through training and research and development

AccessHQ can reduce the impact on budget and schedule through our flexible resourcing engagement model.