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The competitive frontier for technology today is defined by the notion of "customer experience". It is a term many are using but few understand.

How do you deliver on customer expectations when developing and deploying new technology?

We know that quality is vital to delivering successful customer experiences, but whether technology 'works as expected' is no longer enough.

AccessHQ Human Quality

It has to have Human Quality, the type of quality that is planned from the beginning. It has to take full account of the way people 'really' use technology, their engagement and ultimately their loyalty.

Our proprietary Human Quality Toolbox allows us to assure and test technology in an integrated way, from planning and requirements, to lifecycle testing and then through to customer acceptance and satisfaction.

Human Quality ... because people make technology

AccessHQ explained by our CEO

Introduction to Human Quality

AccessHQ Obamacare case study

The thinking behind Human Quality

We believe that ...


The commoditisation of the IT industry over the past 20 years has harmed quality, not improved it


Human Quality is not a "once-off" thing, it is an organisational mindset that has to be planned and integrated across the entire technology lifecycle


A quality assurance professional who understands customer expectations and local customer context will ALWAYS give you a better result than one who doesn't


A quality customer experience is a right, not an option


Technology exists to serve people, therefore, all technology should have Human Quality

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