Usability testing is central to Human Quality

Don’t guess at how good your website or app is, find out first-hand how real customers interact with your communication channels. Our proprietary usability guidelines have been developed over many years observing customers.

Eye Tracking is a standard feature

We pioneered Eye Tracking in Australia in 2001 and we're the only company who can eye track both web and mobile apps, either in the wild or in our test labs. Eye Tracking is included in all our usability testing when it makes sense to do so. The visualisations and video evidence produced help drive change through stakeholders.

See the difference with this videowhich showcases how Access Testing (now AccessHQ) conducted the World's largest in-field Eye Tracking study.

Will they be loyal?

Differentiation through customer loyalty is essential to succeeding in business.

We're often astounded by the number of people working on technology without any clear view of what the customers’ expectations actually are. Development teams work under the assumption that expectations are captured by requirements, but we know this is rarely the case. To deliver successful customer experiences you must understand their expectations and motivations. The ability to use a system is not the only factor. To reveal and understand a wider view we developed our "Tested on Customers" framework to answer two questions;

Asking ’can they use it?’ tests physical attributes, whereas asking ‘are they engaged’ identifies emotional drivers.

Our goal is to ensure your teams aren’t making decisions on behalf of your customers without genuine evidence that supports those decisions. AccessHQ clients report this process brings substantial objectivity to their projects, ensuring that internal opinions don't cloud the real needs of customers.