IoT and Digital Transformation Successes

Mark Bishop, Director Assurance & Testing

IoT and Digital Transformation Successes

We don't usually crow about it, but, every now and then success just has to be called out.

All about the Internet of Things

Led by a Quality Director, our Adelaide team recently finished testing an “Intelligent Network” project within the utilities sector. This was all about the Internet of Things, involving hundreds of sensors throughout the streets of Adelaide integrated with a central system to monitor how the network is operating. With this information the business can provide a more reliable and efficient service and be more responsive to customer needs. As you can imagine, we were touching on critical infrastructure that provides essential services to citizens and organisations. A seamless cutover to live operation was important to avoid any disruption. In just 9 weeks, the team delivered on time this outcome-based engagement for system integration and end-to-end testing of the network implementation.

Digital transformation is critical to remain competitive

The Victorian team is celebrating their achievements leading one of our biggest and most difficult projects. We’re working with an Australian success story in the logistics sector that started operations in 1888 and now employs ~40,000 people worldwide.  Their $50M+ digital transformation programme is mission critical to remain competitive on the global stage.

Led by two Principal Consultants and a senior test manager, our multi-disciplined team manages 30+ testers from AccessHQ and a third-party off-shore team. It's a fast-paced environment and, as you might imagine, there are many logistical and communiaction challenges associated with a global business. The engagement started with a Quality Process Assessment to ensure there is focus on how to improve quality rather than just how to improve testing. This was instrumental in guiding our customer on their transformation journey and ensures Human Quality is at the forefront of the digital strategy.

Better testing or better quality?

One of the key challenges in quality assurance and testing is finding the fastest and most cost-effective way to improve quality. If you’d like to know more about how we do that, I’d be more than happy to help - contact me directly.