Access Testing has Rebranded to AccessHQ

Tony Bailey, Chief Executive Officer

Access Testing has Rebranded to AccessHQ

AccessHQ explained by our CEO

In this video the CEO of AccessHQ, Tony Bailey explains the logic and thinking behind Access Testing's name change and the philosophy behind Human Quality in technology:


“Its here at the Australian Technology Park that our company was born in 1995. We’ve seen a lot of change in the IT industry in the past 20 years and we’ve changed a lot too.

So, we’ve recently changed our name from Access Testing to AccessHQ, the Home of Human Quality. This better reflects our focus and our expertise.

The premise behind Human Quality is that all technology is there to serve people therefore all technology should have Human quality; it’s as simple as that.

If you haven’t worked with us before, you’ll find that we’re very different, so put us to the test."

- AccessHQ CEO, Tony Bailey

We’ve seen customer expectations change dramatically over the last 20 years, particularly as the result of the mobile world where everything is at your fingertips. We now live in an online, on demand, interconnected world where people expect to be able to transact with an organization in a seamless and integrated way, wherever and whenever they want.

For this new world we need a new approach to quality assurance and testing – an approach that factors in the tried and trusted methods of quality assurance from the past, but also updates it for the business realities of customer experience for today. We need an integrated approach to quality assurance and testing across the entire technology life cycle.

Innovation has always been a central part of what Access is about. From our beginnings here in the innovation centre at the Technology Park through to our Human Quality Toolbox, we bring innovation to our customers at any stage of the technology life cycle. Whether it’s requirements quality assurance up front to make sure that your requirements are correct or whether it’s eye-tracking technology to literally see through the eyes of your customer or Human Quality pulse in functional testing – we bring the tools to the table that enable you to achieve your goals with technology.

Your technology has to be integrated across the three phases of the planning of technology, the building of technology and the deployment of your technology.

The industry’s very used to the concept of a system integrator; we’re your quality integrator.

Over the next 20 years we’re certain we’ll see a lot more change but quality expertise and professionalism will always be in demand.

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