A Unique and Credible Approach

Tony Bailey, Chief Executive Officer

A Unique and Credible Approach

Recently, I had the privilege to meet with the CEO of a large government organisation and share the story behind our Human Quality philosophy. It was a great opportunity to hear first-hand how government is transforming to instil a customer service philosophy at its core. I was very impressed with some of their methods and initiatives, particularly how they enable their Voice of the Customer with listening posts and feedback loops for frontline staff. At AccessHQ, we have a similar initiative called HQ Pulse, which allows us to monitor the sentiment of customer needs and desires in regard to digital interactions with an organisation. This provides both insight for future development and a solid background of understanding for existing projects.

I’ve always believed that the source of true innovation comes from the customer and supplier interface, not the lab, and it’s obvious that a growing number of government agencies in Australia have a similar belief.  The feedback we get consistently highlights the fact that Human Quality is now accepted as a unique and credible approach at the highest level of Government.  There is no doubt that our philosophies, both Government and AccessHQ, are greatly aligned and we continue to explore ways in which we can work with our many government customers and their customers, the citizens of Australia.

 “I’m very impressed by your philosophy but what makes it even more impressive is that you have a toolbox to deliver it. No one else I’ve seen has that."

- Government CEO

At our meeting, I suggested setting up a quick experiment using our eye tracking technology in a Customer Service Centre.  The conversation had revealed that frontline staff have issues when they use a number of IT systems across multiple open windows whilst endeavouring to provide service to customers.  With eye tracking, it would be very useful to monitor the staff and literally "see through their eyes" as they deal with the systems provided and talk to the customers.  It would also be very insightful to monitor the customer journey and the digital transactions at the same time.  An experiment such as this only takes a day of two of people’s time and, the CEO and I agreed, we will gain some good insight that can lead to service improvements.

To understand how eye tracking provides insight in a real world environment, watch the Eye Corp eye tracking video from our website.

If you think there’s value in me presenting the Human Quality approach to your organisation, just let me know. I’d be more than happy to do that.