Customer Journey Modelling

Greg Barnett, GM - Customer Insights

Customer Journey Modelling

What if you knew exactly where to focus your efforts in order to increase your customer experience KPIs such as Net Promoter Score® and get the highest ROI from your CX efforts?

One of the key techniques to solving this is through customer journey mapping, which has several benefits:

  • They are great at giving a 30,000ft view
  • They put the customer front and centre
  • They encourage people across the organisation to consider the customer’s feelings, questions and needs

But all too often these customer journey maps end up as meeting room wall decor, lacking detail for real, measurable action. 

In our experience, most customer journey maps contain a selection of pain and delight points, giving some direction to areas of improvement, however these will only cover a portion of the total customer journey. In addition to this, these pain and delight points lack the depth of information required for prioritisation. With limited resources, it is critical to understand where best to apply efforts. Lastly, these maps do not connect to any measurable framework, making it difficult to understand how successful your efforts are.

To solve this, we’ve taken customer journey mapping to the next level into what we call Customer Journey Modelling. Customer Journey Modelling takes the foundation and principles of customer journey mapping and enhances these through much more granular data. We expand each pain and delight points into all the possible outcomes in a given experience and determine the likelihood of these occurring for any given customer persona. We also make the entire customer journey measurable by understanding the impact of any given pain or delight point in terms of Net Promoter Score®.

At AccessHQ, we capture and model the customer journey ideas, and use our proprietary algorithm to predict their impact on your Net Promoter Score®. This allows organisations to know exactly where best to apply their customer experience engineering efforts and measure these over time.

Check out our latest infograph below that highlights our process, approach and benefits of Customer Journey Modelling.

An infograph of Customer Journey Modelling