AccessHQ Wins Learning Culture Award

Jodi Lawson, Corporate HR Manager

AccessHQ Wins Learning Culture Award

Photo: Jodi Lawson and Rowly Emmett accept the award at The Skillsoft Asia-Pacific Perspectives conference. Photo By: Dan Gray, Gray Noise

Last week, at the Asia Pacific Perspectives conference run by Skillsoft, AccessHQ received an award for building a learning culture. To put it mildly we were pretty chuffed!

This is great recognition of our Learning and Development Strategy. Our YourROAD career development program is underpinned by our proprietary competency framework and SkillsHub e-learning platform, which includes content from Skillsoft and our own custom e-learning content. Through the Skillsoft platform our staff have access to more than 1000 videos and courses ranging from business skills to IT skills and certifications.

The quality assurance and testing space is undergoing significant change due to advances in technology and the use of automation in new and innovative ways. The market is screaming for more and better, and in a quicker timeframe than ever before. As a result, we’re seeing clients move to what Gartner calls Mode 2, which is changing the skills the market demands and faster than it can supply them. Those who recognise this are well placed to capitalise on the changes.

Our learning and development tools, now running in AccessHQ for the past 2 years, are necessary for our people to develop the skills required to stay ahead of the disruption we’re all seeing in the market. They enable our people to develop both technical and soft skills that will differentiate them from their peers and ensure they experience a real change in capability. That is the product of genuine learning – not certification for the sake of certification.

This is especially important to ensure our diverse workforce are provided equal opportunity, that they can develop and grow as AccessHQ continues to evolve.  Our philosophy is simple, ‘Human Quality = Quality Humans’, to us this means:

  • Our people must be the best
  • Inter-personal, or soft skills, are king
  • Continuous learning is fundamental to employability
  • People need well defined career paths
  • An increase in skills means an increase in value; to us, to our clients and ultimately to the market

The recognition we received from Skillsoft is rewarding and reassures us we are on the right track. We'll continue to refine and improve our programs in an effort to stay relevant in the age of disruption.

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