AccessHQ Joins the Digital Marketplace

Tony Bailey, Chief Executive Officer

AccessHQ Joins the Digital Marketplace

* * * UPDATED December 2016 * * *

The DTO and Digital Service Professional’s Panel has been transformed to the Digital Transformation Agency and Digital Marketplace respectively.

The new Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) will guide, oversee and drive the Australian Government’s digital and ICT agendas.

The Digital Marketplace will provide a richer environment for technology procurement, enabling businesses to provide specialist digital services to Government. AccessHQ is one of the 220+ prequalified Digital Services Firms listed on the Digital Marketplace.

For more information, visit the DTA website.

Originally posted August 2016

We are pleased to announce that AccessHQ is now a member of the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) Digital Service Professionals panel. Government agencies seeking support services to enhance their digital and technology capability can utilise the panel, a feature of the DTO’s Digital Marketplace, to engage with us.

In July 2015, the DTO was established as an executive agency by the then Minister for Communications and now Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. Led by the CEO, Paul Shetler, their mission is to assist in the transformation of government services by delivering a better online experience for Australians. The DTO is responsible for driving or supporting change and digital modernisation to government services, where the citizens’ experience is placed front and centre of the government’s service delivery agenda. 

Our opportunity is immense. We think Australia can become the best in the world at delivering government services 

- Paul Shetler CEO, DTO

Supported by the Government’s mandate for online services to have ‘Human Quality’, the DTO has influence across all tiers of government. This is designed to ensure all forms of government are working towards meeting the Digital Service Standard. The DTO has outlined 13 digital service standards in the expectation that government agencies build services that are simpler, clearer and faster for customers. It is exciting to see that the majority of the standards align very much to the services we offer.