10 Ways to Improve Software Quality

Reuben Korngold, Practice Manager

10 Ways to Improve Software Quality

At AccessHQ, we take pride in our commitment to quality in technology. Here are 10 ways you can improve software quality in your next project:

  1. Implement quality assurance in the requirements definition phase
  2. Educate all stakeholders on the benefits of implementing quality assurance throughout the technology lifecycle
  3. Open communication channels early between stakeholders, project team members and vendors
  4. Use consistent methodology throughout the lifecycle
  5. Define, build and commit to a quality plan (in addition to a test plan)
  6. Ensure you estimate, plan and resource for quality
  7. Record risks and actively manage them in the risk register
  8. Conduct regular evidence-based reviews
  9. Use a suitable test environment
  10. Involve project teams in post-project operations


Can you think of more? Let us know; send us an email.

Feel free to download and share the infographic below.

Image that contains the list of how you can improve software quality