Where do you stand amongst your competitors?

What if you could see through the eyes of their customers and find out how well their products and services perform against your business objectives? The answer might be hard to swallow, but the insight would be invaluable. We believe that customer experience, not technology, is the source of long term competitive advantage for companies. For businesses that want real market insight and an understanding of the competitive landscape, our benchmarking service gives you insight from three key perspectives;

  • Technical
  • Customer experience
  • Business need

How it works is that you pick the competitors and we do the rest. Not only do you get our experience, you get responses from people who really use your website. We’ll deliver you an objective report on how you perform against your nominated competitors, using the performance measures that matter most to you.

Ensure you’re the one filling the gaps in your customers' experience

Review and compare your competitors' performance to ensure your message stands out. We engage customer representatives who are tested on a range of tasks using your competitors’ systems. Our aim is to reveal how easy these tasks are to complete and highlight the participant’s views and preferences. Learning how they interact will provide insight into how they make decisions and why they choose you or the competition. Their real-world experiences are the basis on which customer expectations become the measure of quality.

We produce actionable insight to improve your systems and give you an edge over your competitors. The results help take your technology from simply being functional to delivering Human Quality that meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations.

A two-pronged approach: Asking ‘can they use it?’ helps find strengths and issues, whereas asking ‘Are they engaged’ will help distinguish between attractors and detractors’.